Cordless vacuum cleaners have been my best purchase within the last three years without a doubt!

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best cordless vacuum reviewsI’m Andy and thank you for visiting my site where I review the best cordless vacuum cleaners on the market. My reviews will be my honest take on whats available today And will serve as somewhat of a buying guide in cordless vacuum cleaners. I have become very interested in cordless vacuums so if there is a particular model that you would like me to review, then feel free to contact me here.

My top most annoying thing of vacuuming has to be the cord. You vacuum and as soon as you have to turn, the cable comes in the way, which you then have to move on the other side. I always end up vacuuming with an arms length of cable in the hand as sort of a “give” or “reserve”.

Since buying my cordless vacuum cleaner, it honestly has been a real pleasure to do the vacuuming. I actually enjoy it now. No cords to worry about amongst other the features that you will find in some of the newer vacuum cleaners that will simply make your life much easier!

What To Look For When Choosing A Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.

best dash cam 2015Battery Life.

The main aspect when looking for a cordless vacuum is, of course, the battery life. If the battery of a particular vacuum cleaner doesn’t last you  the duration of vacuuming your house on a single charge then that one isn’t for you.

I suggest you time how long it currently takes you with your current vacuum cleaner to vacuum your whole house. This would involve you moving things out of the way, pausing for a short while to shuffle the furniture around and basically measuring yourself in real time how long it would take you to complete your whole house without rushing. You now have an indication on what sort of battery life to look for in your cordless vacuum.

Weight.Bosch BCH625KTGB reviews

The weight is another factor to consider. Who will be using the vacuum? Will they be able to handle it and carry it around with minimal effort? Even when its in use, how easy and fluid is it?

The cordless vacuum must be light, the lighter the better. You will easily be able to move it around the house and have no problems flipping it upside down should the bottom need an inspection. When emptying the device, you should have no problems because it is light.

If an elderly person will be using it then the weight is one of the most important factors to consider.

Vax Air reviewPower.

I was debating whether to put this second (instead of weight) or third, I settled with third because most of todays new vacuums have good suction power and are very effective.

The power needs to be strong. While it is a cordless vacuum, you should not settle for less power. There are some great models out there with a very good engine capable of strong power to even lift per hair from carpets!

For someone like me who suffers from asthma, the power of the vacuum can make a huge difference in the cleanliness left after vacuuming. A vacuum with a lot of power will suck away a good portion of dust particles. While there will always be a small amount of dust left on the floors, any good vacuum will ensure that most of it is gone!

The power is another factor to look at when choosing a cordless vacuum.

Cleaning Depth.

The vacuum must be able to clean multiple floor surfaces. In my house I have laminate flooring in all of the rooms and a carpet on the stairs as well as a rug on the living room floor. Thats three different surfaces. The wooden flooring will be the easiest as dust just sits on the top where it cam be sucked up into the vacuum. The rug is the next one up where the dust will be buried within its short fibres and the carpet will be the toughest as the fibres are thick and long. What sort of flooring do you have? …another question that needs to be asked!

Detachability.Bosch BCH625KTGB reviews

Is there a small part of the vacuum that can be detached and used as a hand held vacuum? This can be a great feature to make it even more portable. You can now vacuum things like your curtains and other furniture and upholsteries.

While this is a great benefit, I have found that the power on the vacuums you can detach isn’t quite as strong as the fixed models. You, ideally, want the motor as close to the floor as possible for the greatest effectiveness. I, personally, have two vacuums which are cordless: one which is up right and a dedicated hand-held mini vacuum.

Emptying Mechanism.

Again, as an asthma sufferer, this is another important factor when looking at vacuums. I didn’t want a vacuum where the dust builds up inside the device and I would eventually end up with a cloud of dust in my face every time I emptied it. This has been painful for me going back to the previous models of vacuums I’ve owned.

I wanted a vacuum where there would be no dust clouds and emptying the unit would be very easy but more importantly, very clean.


Vacuum Cleaner Buying Tips & Advice.

When looking for a vacuum cleaner, it is important to note the above features to look for, however, there are other things that you need to take into consideration;


Higher Wattage Isn’t Always Better!

When looking for vacuums, people seem to go for the higher wattage models, the thinking behind this is; the more power, the better the vacuum cleaner right? Wrong!

There are some great models with a low wattage but the power of suction is better and more powerful than the vacuums with a higher wattage. Take, for example the GTech AirRam, the wattage is only 100 watts, but it’s power of suction is more powerful than the Morphy Richards 732000 which has 900 watts!

The wattage is merely the power of the electric current which powers motor of the vacuum, it doesn’t necessarily deem a particular vacuum good or bad in terms of performance. The things that will contribute to the overall rating of a vacuum are airflow – how far will the air have to travel within the vacuum? How well is the vacuum made in terms of quality of design?

Going back to our example of The GTech AirRam and The Morphy Richards 732000, while the 732000 has a lot more wattage than the AirRam; the reason the AirRam has a much better suction is the fact that it is better designed. While the power of the motor that operates it is low in comparison, The AirRam’s waste tank is literally touching the floor – thats how close it is! The dirt has a VERY short distance to travel within the vacuum, where the 732000 has a good few inches to travel.


What Attachments Will I Need?

When looking at an upright vacuum, your primary need would be to use it as an upright vacuum! It is important that you should also consider vacuuming things like your upholstery, the stairs, the curtains and basically anything that can get dirty / dusty within the house.

Luckily, most vacuum cleaners in today’s market do come equipped with accessories. You may have a narrow head for cleaning between the sofa cushions on in the narrow spaces between your furniture. You may also get a smaller brush attachments which would be useful when vacuuming the stairs.

If you have pets, then you may also want to look to see if the vacuum comes with attachments specifically for pet hair as they do require a good amount of suction.


What Will Be The Life Of My Vacuum?

A typical warranty that most electrical products will give you is one year. This is the industry standard. Some manufacturers boast a five year warranty – that is immediately where my attention would automatically go.

The warranty generally includes parts and labour including the motor of the vacuum. Most manufacturers will happily exchange the vacuum or repair it at no charge as long as it is within the warranty period.

Despite the warranty period, a good vacuum should easily last you around 20-30 years. This would be dependant on the amount you use it, how you take care of it (and clean it as well as emptying it regularly) and the make and manufacturer of the vacuum.


What Filter Should I Be Looking For?

If you or anyone in your home sufferers from asthma, eczema or any other dust-related allergies then a HEPA filter on the vacuum would be a good idea. You can read more about the HEPA filter here, but in short; it is an air purifier.


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