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AEG Ultrapower Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

aeg-ag5022-ultrapower-cordless-vacuum-cleanerIf you’re reading this it’s safe to assume that you’re interested in buying a cordless vacuum cleaner. Cordless models are great for a number of reasons; they don’t need to be plugged into a power socket so you’re free to use them in any room in the house or even take them outside,  they tend to be easier to manoeuvre from room to room, and they tend to be lighter and slimmer and thus easier to carry and store.

The problem with a lot of cordless vacuum cleaners is that because they run on battery power they tend to out of charge quite quickly and may take some time to recharge. Some models also tend to be less powerful than their bulkier counterparts, but don’t let this put you off though because powerful, long lasting cordless vacuums do exist and the AEG Ultra power (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is one of them. Read on to find out more.


Sophisticated Brush

Not only does the AEG Ultra Power come with a brush roll to help remove hair, fluff and fibres from your carpet but the brush has also been designed to be completely tangle free. This vacuum contains a brush cleaning function which will remove any caught hair or other fibres in seconds so you can continue to use the brush without worrying about it getting stuck. This self cleaning function is missing from a lot of comparable models and it is bound to come in handy.


 60 Minutes Charge Time

One of the typical downsides to cordless vacuum cleaners is that the amount of time they stay charged can be quite low. The AEG Ultra Power has remedied this by including three speed settings so you can select the vacuum speed depending on how hard an individual job is, so you can pick a lower speed for light cleaning and a stronger speed for more difficult jobs.  This coupled with the vacuums lithium battery means this vacuum can last up to 60 minutes on one charge!


Lithium Battery

The AEG Ultra  is powered by a sophisticated  25.2 V lithium battery. The great thing about this battery is that aside from being powerful it also uses advanced battery technology to ensure that once the vacuum is fully charged it won’t use up any unnecessary energy.  This won’t only ensure your electricity bills stay low but it helps you do that little bit more for the environment.


Everyday Spills

This vacuum doesn’t just stop at sucking up dirt and debris. The AEG Ultra comes with a specially designed floor nozzle which can pick up anything from tiny dust particles to rice, breadcrumbs and cereals so you won’t have to worry about whipping out the dust pan and brush ever again. This feature means the AEG Ultra is the ideal vacuum for a house with young children or pets so take note if one or both categories apply to you.


LED Dust Finder

Dust can be really insidious and it can easily hide in badly lit corners and/or underneath furniture where you might never see it. This can provoke endless allergic reactions without ever finding the source of the problem, but luckily the AEG Ultra comes with a specific LED headlight which will expose even the best concealed dust so you can ensure your home is dust and allergen free.


Multi Surface Cleaning

This vacuum cleaner uses  impressive cyclonic suction technology to work on multiple surfaces. You can use the AEG Ultra Power on carpets and hard floors as well as the tiles in your bathroom and any vinyl surfaces you may have without having to resort to the broom.


Two Stage Filtration System

This vacuum cleaners two Stage filter effectively catches small and large dust particles alike to make sure nothing gets left behind, but that’s not all. When it’s time to empty the filter there is a ‘bungee cord’ which removes dust by itself so there’s no need to get your hands dirty ever again.


Features: Self Cleaning Brush – 60 Minutes Charge Time – Lithium Battery – LED Dust Finder – Multi Surface Cleaning – Two Stage Filter.

Pricing:  Mid Range/ High End




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