Beldray Quick Vac Lite Review 2019 – 2020

If you’re searching for a lightweight, multi surface vacuum cleaner which is also smooth and efficient to use, then look no further than the Beldray Quick Vac Lite.

This cordless vacuum is industrially stylized with red and grey casing, and comes highly recommended on Amazon with a 4 star rating. It boasts a lot of good features but let’s sort out the fact from the fiction.

What are the Beldray Quick Vac Lite’s main features?

  • Cordless and lightweight, the weight of this impressive vacuum cleaner is only 3.44kg, making manoeuvrability fast and more efficient. Additionally, with no cords, it’s free from the hazards of loose wires and being accidentally wrenched out of plug sockets
  • Multi surface cleaning, this vacuum cleaner is perfect for all sorts of textiles including: hard floors, carpet, walls and ceilings. No need to get the feather duster out, these once hard to reach places are now no problem at all
  • Converts into a handheld vacuum, as if it couldn’t get any better, the Beldray Quick Vac Lite changes into a smaller handheld vacuum, this helps focus the power on smaller surfaces such as upholstery or shelving, making your life a lot easier

The Beldray Quick Vac Lite is easy to use, easy to empty and easy to store. It’s equipped with a 1.2 litre dust container that releases the dust and debris from your multiple surfaces into the bin with one tap of a button, making emptying hygienic and hassle free.
When you’ve finished effortlessly gliding it around, simply fold it down into a compact unit perfect for storing, this feature is especially useful for users with less storage space in their homes.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Beldray Quick Vac Lite?


  • Rechargeable battery that lasts for 40 minutes, this provides you with plenty of time to clean your home, and you’ll still have plenty of room left in your dust container for more cleaning sessions
  • Interchangeable heads, like many vacuum cleaners it comes with a 2 in 1 brush (generally for crevices and dusting), but it is also accompanied by an electric turbo brush; by the sounds of it, the dust doesn’t stand a chance
  • Great for any household, with its ability to fold away and provide lightweight multi surface cleaning, every household would be better equipped with one
  • Cordless and convertible, no cords mean no tripping over long wires and with its ability to change into a small handheld vacuum you won’t trip over the hose either
  • Great value, yes, it gets better, the Beldray Quick Vac Lite is inexpensive and well worth your money

It really is a useful and versatile machine, and they’re not lying when they say it’s easy to use, it simply has one button with two modes, press once for a regular vacuum but if you’re in need for something a little bit stronger, press twice to unleash the power of full suction.


  • Mixed reviews on suction, whilst there are many people who adore the Beldray Quick Vac Lite and its many useful abilities, there are also those who believe its suction power to be rather weak, though this ultimately comes down to opinion and manufacturing
  • Energy ratings, on Amazon you cannot find the energy ratings for this vacuum, this may be easy to find on the Beldray site, however if they’re not boasting about their energy levels, it certainly doesn’t give you much confidence if you want to reduce your carbon footprint

If you’re unsure about how your Beldray Quick Vac Lite is supposed to work, then flicking through the included instruction manual, however tedious it might be, will surely help you to understand this brilliant machine.

What do we think?

Beldray have really hit the mark with this innovative cordless vacuum cleaner.
We realize that each user will have different experiences with this vacuum cleaner, and maybe it will have the same effect as Marmite, you’ll either love it or hate it.
We hope you love it!

You can find the Beldray Quick Vac Lite here


Beldray BEL0776 Airgility Cordless Quick Vac Lite Multi-Surface Vacuum Cleaner
  • The Beldray Airgility provides convenient cordless cleaning so you can clean your home without the restraint of wires.
  • The large, bagless dust container has a 1.2 litre capacity to you can clean your house numerous times before it needs to be emptied.
  • The vacuum is perfect for multi-surface cleaning, whether it is hard floors, carpets, walls or ceilings it gives you a great finish.
  • Brilliantly versatile, you can alternate between the useful brush tools and you can easily adjust its size to suit your needs.
  • The cordless vacuum is incredibly lightweight so you can manoeuvre it around your home with ease making cleaning faster and easier.

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