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Vax Air Lift Boost Mode, 3 Channel Suction, Removable Battery, Detachable Cylinder Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Dyson DC59 Boost Mode, V6 Digital Motor, Light, Long Extension For Floors Mid-Range Learn More Here!

GTech AirRam Compact Design, Low Profile, Compresses Dirt Mid-Range Learn More Here!

The Best Deals On Vacuums In 2017 – 2018 – Top 3

Over the past few years we have had a good amount of vacuum cleaners hit the market. The choice of the masses leans towards the cordless vacuums. These make life so much easier and vacuuming less of an uphill battle. Here I have reviewed the top three vacuum cleaners on the market that are the best in my opinion.

The Best – Number 1 – The Vax Cordless Lift

Best Deals On vacuumsWhile The Vax Air (learn more here!) didn’t get a 5 star rating on the front page, The Air Lift is a different and superior vacuum altogether! I personally like how it looks, it looks very sophisticated. While I know a lot of people prefer the simple look, there are a lot of people who will opt for the more sophisticated look. Here are some of The Vax’s best features;

  • Also employing a suction system, the motor of The Vax Air is also very powerful. The suction is so powerful that with carpets and wooden floors alike, the clean will be easy and effective.
  • WindTunnel 3 technology. This technology, unique to Vax is a 3-channel suction mode which further enhances the dirt removal with ease.
  • Long battery life. With the battery lasting you upto 50 minutes on a full charge, you will have plenty of time to vacuum the average sized house hold without it losing power on you.
  • Boost mode – giving you that extra “nitrous” style power in suction to get that awkward area done where you need more power. This feature is always handy to have, even if you don’t use it too often, it is good to know its there.
  • 6 year manufacturers guarantee for UK customers. This is not something that any other manufacturer is handing out (to the best of my knowledge), and it will certainly give you a piece of mind when reach for the £250.00 in your wallet. 6 years for a £250 investment isn’t bad at all.
  • Lift off cylinder – this is what makes the Vax Air a great cleaner! You can lift the cylinder off the base unit to clean your stairs, , ceilings, on top of cupboards, upholsteries and even your car. This together with the fact that it is wireless and it only weighs 5.1kg, makes this vacuum very flexible.Best Deals On Hoovers
  • Steerable technology – this is great for steering the vacuum around right corners and in between objects making the movement very smooth.
  • Multi floor cleaning – switch from carpet to hard wood floors at the touch of a button.
  • 2 batteries included – The removable battery does make all the difference in the world. You can have them both fully charged. For me, I like to clean my house and my car on the same day. One battery is rarely enough to do a thorough job on both. This is where a spare, fully charged battery will help massively.
  • Suction Power – 1400 watts.
  • Weight – less than 5kg
  • Bin volume – 1 litre
  • Run time – 50 minutes normal mode
  • Charge time – 3 hours


The Vax Air Lift is a very good cleaner with plenty of power behind it. It has the removable cylnder so you can make jobs like vacuuming the car or the stairs quite easy. It has the steerable technology making floor cleaning around corners and bends very possible, as well as 2 x removable batteries to keep charged up for when you want to clean more than just your home. This is a very good feature and why I would rate The Air Lift number 1 of the three!


Number 2 – The Dyson DC59

Best Deals On Vacuums In 2015The DC59, as reviewed here in comparison to The GTech Airram, is a very good vacuum with powerful suction. Here are some notable features for the DC59;

  • Dyson V6 Digital Motor – The famous motor that gives Dyson its power! This motor is one of the most powerful in the industry.
  • 110,000 RPM Power Output, with open valves where the airflow is pushed through freely, further enhancing the suction power.
  • The 20 minute battery life gives you enough time of powerful suction to grab all the dirt from your home.
  • The boost mode will give you even more power in the suction for the really stubborn areas, this will reduce your battery life though so I would save this for when you are near the end of your vacuuming.
  • Trigger powered – This feature will let you power the vacuum where you need to and not where you don’t. This is a great feature for conserving battery and gives you maximum flexibility when it comes to cleaning.
  • The charging station where the DC59 will undoubtedly live when not in use does make storing and accessing very easy. It can be stored neatly out of the way when its on charge and when you need it, its there ready and waiting!
  • Washable filter. After several uses of the DC59, you will need to wash the filter. This couldn’t be easier, simply rinse in water and hang it out to dry. Upon re-inserting it to the DC59, it will be like a brand new vacuum!
  • Flip open cannister emptying. Simply press the button to open the canister above a bin and the dirt will literally just “fall out”. This means you don’t need to worry about emptying bags surrounded by clouds of dust.
  • Powerful Pet hair removal – The DC59, rightfully called The Animal is aimed at cleaning up pet hair which, on upholstery, can be quite awkward to remove. Pet hair for the DC59 is very easy and actually satisfying to clean. One of the few vacuums around that can do pet hair with real ease.Best Deals On Vacuums In 2015
  • Long extension attachment to enable this hand-held vacuum function as an upright vacuum so you can also clean floors, ceilings and other out of reach places.
  • Suction Power – 100 watts.
  • Weight –  2kg
  • Bin volume – 0.45 litres
  • Run time – 20 minutes normal mode / 8 minutes boost mode
  • Charge time – 3.5 hours


While the DC59 is by nature a hand-held vacuum, it also has the added benefit of being an upright vacuum cleaner with its long attachment. This will give you the lightness and the flexibility of the hand held but to also be able to do floors. Not only will it allow you to do floors, but also ceilings and other out of reach places.

Take the long extension off and you have the perfect hand-held cleaner for stairs and upholsteries.

Overall, the DC59 has the powerful V6 motor where the suction is unparalleled and with this particular model you will also get all of the attachments and add-ons. What makes The DC59 one of the best deals on vacuums in 2015 is the fact that it will function very well as both a hand-held and an upright which is why it makes it to number 2!

Check out the latest reviews on Amazon.



Number 3 – The GTech Airram

Best Deals On vacuumAs reviewed in other posts, The Airram is a new yet very good cordless vacuum cleaner. Below are some of its noteworthy features;

  • Very light at around at 3.5kg, and yet still a very powerful vacuum.
  • The power of the vacuum is closest to the floor compared to others of its league. Keeping the power at the base of the vacuum conserves it effectively where it is needed the most.
  • Perfect for hard floors as well as carpets, no need to additional interaction, the Airram will automatically detect the type of floor and it will vacuum accordingly.
  • Easy to manoeuvre around being so light and it is low profile meaning you can easily get under certain beds and furniture quite easily.
  • The ability to pick up pet hair from the floor with ease.
  • Compresses the dirt very neatly in bales in the head itself. These you would then simply drop into the bin. No dust clouds, no mess.gtech airram review
  • Suction Power – 100 watts.
  • Weight – 3.5kg
  • Bin volume – 0.8 litres
  • Run time – 40 minutes normal mode
  • Charge time – 4 hours


The reason this didn’t make it to the first two positions is because it cant be used as a hand-held. Having said this, it is still a very good vacuum cleaner with a powerful motor which is very effective and it is very efficient in the way it compresses the dirt into the small bales which you just pop into the bin. I also like the fact that it is, infact low profile so vacuuming under certain things are easier. All in all, a good buy.






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