Best Vacuum For Stairs 2018 – 2019 – The Buying Guide

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Dyson DC59 Boost Mode, V6 Digital Motor, Light, Long Extension For Floors Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Dyson DC34 Boost Mode, Light, Powerful suction Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Black & Decker Dustbuster Flexi Noise Reduction, Light, Long Flexible Extension Affordable Learn More Here!

Top 3 Vacuum Cleaners For Stairs.

Finding the best vacuum for the stairs will save you so much hassle and back-ache. It is a real challenge to vacuum your stairs, but with the right kind of vacuum cleaner, it needn’t be such hard work that we all dead doing. This post will go into detail on the top 3 best vacuums for stairs.

What makes a good vacuum as far as cleaning the stairs are concerned? Well the first thing to consider before anything else is the fact that it needs to be cordless. Vacuuming on stairs at the best of times is difficult enough, especially if your staircase is like the one at my home where it bends round. Having a cable in this scenario will become tangled and will test your patience. With a good cordless vacuum, you don’t need to worry about cables tangling up, because there is no cable!

The other factors that you need to consider is it needs to be light and it needs to be powerful. Light because, needless to say it can be easily carried and used to vacuum the staircase with minimal effort which goes hand-in-hand with powerful because the suction also needs to be strong enough that it will pull out the dirt from carpets as well as hardwood floors on the stairs.

The last factor, although not as important in this case, is the battery run time. I say not as important because the battery in most models will last at least 10 minutes, which is more than enough time to do an average staircase.

Number 1. Dyson DC59

Best Vacuum For StairsOur review for the number one best vacuum for stairs has to be The Dyson DC59 (learn more here!). If you have browsed this site and read other reviews then you’ll see that Dyson pretty much dominates the best Vacuums currently on the market. Dyson lead the market because the products that they sell are designed and constructed after hours of extensive research in creating the highest suction power while keeping the vacuum light in weight and very easy to use.

The DC59 is the most powerful cleaner in the handheld category currently on the market, it even surpasses some upright cleaners in terms of power.

Here are some of the reasons The DC59 is our number one choice for stairs;

  • Dyson digital V6 motor powers the DC59. This spins upto 110,000 times per minute which is upto 3 times faster than conventional motors making the DC59 three times more powerful than any other handheld cleaners out there. This power is paramount for cleaning stairs, apparels and upholsteries on a once-over as most of the effort on other vacuums go on doing the same spot over and over again until its clean.
  • What gives the DC59 more power is the fact that where most vacuums use one cyclone, the DC59 has 15 cyclones over two tears which creates clear airways further enhancing an already powerful vacuum.
  • For ground-in dirt and fine hair, The DC59 comes with a mini motorised tool which captures virtually anything in its path leaving you nothing but a clean surface.
  • Long extension motorised tool which is perfect for hard floors as well as carpets as well those hard to reach places like ceiling corners, top of door frames etc.
  • Washable filter
  • Pop open the bottom to empty the dirt right into the bin. No mess!
  • Boost mode for extra power on particularly stubborn areas.
  • 2 year parts and labour guarantee for your piece of mind
  • Wall mount for easy storage
  • Weighing only 4kg, The DC59 is very light so vacuuming stairs or even cleaning the tops of door frames, curtains etc. will not tire you out.
  • 20 minutes run time which is plenty

Best Vacuum For Stairs


There is no doubt about it. The DC59 is a fantastic product as far as hand-held cordless vacuums go. It is perfect for stairs because it is light and it is powerful. Simply put: it works and it works very well. Yes it costs a little more than the others but for the power alone, it is worth it.



Number 2. Dyson DC34

Best Vacuums For StairsThe older brother of the DC59. The DC34 has been around for a few years now. It is a very good and powerful handheld vacuum and heres why:

  • Twice as powerful as other handheld vacuums thanks to the Dyson’s patented Root Cyclone motor in which you get no loss of suction with full power
  • Washable filter
  • Pop open the bottom to empty the dirt right into the bin. No mess!
  • Dual power mode gives you a Max mode in which you get a further enhanced suction for areas which the dirt is ground-inBest Vacuum Reviews For Stairs
  • 2 year parts and labour guarantee for your piece of mind
  • 1.4kg which is a VERY light vacuum indeed. This makes it very easy when vacuuming stairs and upholsteries
  • 15 minutes runtime


Not quite as powerful as the newer DC59 made using a more advanced technology but still very powerful and it is also cheaper and lighter than the DCc59.
A very good vacuum in its own right but falls behind The DC59 in terms of suction power and battery runtime.



Number 3. Black & Decker Dustbuster Flexi

A well known name in household electricals, Black & Decker gives us their take on hand held vacuums. With the Flexi series they have done their homework as it is a good products. Number 3 today is the lithium Flexi PD1820L-GB. Heres some noteworthy points on it:

Best Vacuum cleaners For StairsThis smart little handheld cleaner comes integrated with a 1.5 meter hose which is flexible and handy enough to reach any and all awkward places that you need to clean. Other vacuums may struggle here if they didn’t have a hose.

  • Lithium ion technology for enhanced suction power while keeping the vacuum light
  • Noise reduction built in so it is more quiet than other vacuums
  • Short crevice tool as well as a soft brush included which is useful for cleaning stairs as well as various appliances.
  • ECO smart technology which charges the battery 4x faster than other rechargeable handhelds and then automatically shuts off when fully charged
  • Side emptying door. Pop open to empty the dirt straight into the bin making the emptying process tidy and dust-free
  • 2.3kg in weight so it is quite light
  • 15 minutes runtime

Best Vacuum cleaners Stairs






A good vacuum with a decent amount of power. The battery lasts long enough for you to do most of the house. The flexible long hose is very useful for almost anything you vacuum and os very user friendly. The hose is probably its best feature which is why it made it to the top 3. It has more suction power than other handhelds but still falls short next to The Dysons.




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