Best Vacuum Under £100 – What Are My Options In 2018 – 2019 ?

Vacuums Under 100
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Best Vacuums Under £100 – Top 3

Having a cordless vacuum is one of the best decisions I have made. The amount of times I have had to hold on to a length of a cord while vacuuming the house – the “grace” length of the cord (if you know what I mean!) is something that you need to be able to vacuum effectively without yanking on it.

Cordless vacuums used to come with a premium price tag a few years ago when they were first new on the market. Not only were they expensive, they also weren’t as powerful as the corded vacuums. As time went on, the power on the vacuums has increased and the price has decreased.

Nowadays you can get a good vacuum cleaner which is cordless and powerful in terms of cleaning / suction power and at an affordable price. Yes, for the premium models you would need to spend more money as you would expect to. For some of the higher end models check out our post covering The Best Deals On Hoovers in 2015.

Cordless vacuums don’t need to cost you a fortune, in fact, if you shop around right – you can pick a decent cordless vacuum for under £100.00! You don’t even need to shop around, really, because we have done it for you!

In this post we will look at our top 3 best cordless vacuums which you can grab for less than £100. We will look at features, ease of use and quality of build.


Number 1. Vax U91-LF-B Life

Vacuums Under 100One of the market leaders, VAX, bring us The LIFE vacuum cleaner (learn more here!) which is slim, lightweight and powerful. Here are some of its features why it has reached the number 1 spot;

  • Lightweight – The LIFE weights 3.4kg. It is easy and light for anyone to handle. making stairs and floors a breeze to vacuum
  • An advanced lithium ion battery – which means it will give you a fade-free battery. So when it is low, you will still get the full power until the battery is dead. The power will not get gradually weaker as the battery is used
  • Run time of 15 minutes of pure power on a charge time of just three hours.
  • 2 modes of cleaning, switch between carpet and hardwood floors at the switch of a button
  • 2 year piece of mind warranty covering the vacuum, the charger and the batteryBest Vacuum Under
  • WindTunnel technology exclusive to Vax that keeps the dust inside the vacuum and not spread it around the floor
  • Light, powerful and very easy to use


The Vax Life is a very good cleaner because it is light weight and effective. Its power of suction will clean carpets as well as hardwood floors very easily. The lithium ion battery is perfect for cleaning because you will not have that fading suction, it will give you sheer power until it powers off. With the 2 year warranty you cannot go wrong.




Number 2. Vax 2-in-1 Air Switch

Best Vacuum For Under 100
Another very good cordless vacuum from Vax. This time they bring us a versatile hybrid. The Air Switch has made it second place to the top three cordless vacuums within £100 because of these features;
  • 2 in 1. Switch between the handheld and the upright vacuum cleaner very easily getting the best of both worlds. Vacuum your floors while in its upright position then remove the handheld unit to clean your upholsteries, furniture, stairs and the inside of your car.
  • Steerable technology making The Air Switch very easily manoeuvrable whether you’re vacuuming your carpet or a hardwood floor. Best Vacuum Under 100
  • Weighing 3.4kg making it lightweight and very easy to carry up and down the stairs (doing stairs on the way).
  • Cyclonic dirt seperation and WindTunnel 2 which give The Air Switch consistent suction power when doing both hardwood floors and carpets
  • High powered, bright LED headlights for low light areas to make sure you get everything as clean as can be.
  • 2 year warranty for piece of mind


Another very good vacuum from Vax at a fair price. The Air Switch Is light, powerful, versatile and has a clever headlight at the front to make sure you see and catch all the dirt in your path.


Number 3. Morphy Richards 732000

Vacuum For Under 100Morphy Richards have a very good vacuum here which is, a 2-in-1. It serves very well as an upright vacuum while also being a useful and handy hand-held cleaner. Here are the reasons why it is our number 3;

  • 2 cleaners in 1! It does a good job at being an upright cleaner. When you want to do upholsteries, stairs, curtains or other furniture; simply remove the handheld attachment and clean away.
  • Light in weight at 3.9kg – perfect for anyone to useVacuum Under 100
  • 20 minute runtime
  • Bagless. Just empty the cannister full of dirt right into the bin for a clean, mess-free emptying.
  • Easy storage. The collapsing handle makes The 732000 very easy to tuck away neatly. When collapsed the physical footprint of The 732000 is reduced almost to half.


A great vacuum which has the benefit of being cordless and also serves very well as a handheld unit. The 732000 is a good buy at the low price of £80.00.





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