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Black & Decker 21.6V Hand Vac + Floor Extension

Black & Decker Cordless Vacuum Review - 2015 - 2016If you’re looking to buy a new vacuum you may be feeling a bit confused. Unless you’re a vacuum/ household products enthusiast (they do exist, believe me) you probably weren’t aware of how many different types of vacuums there actually are. Every product description is going to tell you that the advertised vacuum is the best but how do you know? And how do you choose which vacuum is right for you?

This is a buyers guide to a convertible handheld vacuum which can be used on practically any surface. If you’ve done any research you may be a little unsure about handheld vacuums and whether or not you actually need one. The answer is yes you do but you also need to be able to clean your floors the old fashioned way and so buying a handheld vacuum which is literally just a handheld vacuum can’t really be expected to maintain your entire house. Luckily a lot of vacuums these days can be turned into an upright or handheld vacuum at will and the Black & Decker Hand Vac (VIEW PRICE HERE!) is one such machine. This is the product  going to be discussing for the rest of this review so sit back, relax , and enjoy our buyers guide!


The Black + Decker 21.6V is a cordless vacuum which means it runs on battery charge and doesn’t need to be plugged into any power sockets in order to function. This gives you a lot more freedom because you can vacuum from room to room and move across the space effortlessly without having to plug in and out every five minutes. It also means you can use this vacuum in areas which may not have a power socket, such as your car or bathroom.


Pickup Versatility

The debris which you’ll ned to pick up with your vacuum are going to come in multiple shapes and sizes so there’s no point buying a vacuum cleaner which can only pick up light debris and will leave the rest. The Black + Decker 21.6 V has optimised its cleaning performance by utilising a powerful airflow and beater bar so it can suck up heavier debris with ease.

Multi Functional

The problem with handheld vacuums is that whilst they are great for cleaning your car, getting in between sofa cushions and other hard to reach areas they aren’t exactly practical  for every day floor cleaning. This Black + Decker vacuum cleaner has solved this problem by creating a vacuum which can be easily switched between an upright vacuum cleaner and a portable handheld vacuum. You can use the hand held device for higher surfaces and awkward areas and then bust out the upright vacuum for a thorough clean of your floor.

This vacuum can also be used on multi surfaces including hard floor, tiles, carpet and shelves. This is great because it means you’ll have one device for all areas and you won’t need to bring out the broom ever again!

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Air- Cyclone Technology

Vacuums have always been designed to clean your floor but it’s only fairly recently that they’ve started to clean your air as well. The Black + Decker 21.6V uses air cyclone technology to suck dust and debris from your air without the use of traditional filters which ensures the vacuum wont get clogged up whilst still giving you cleaner, fresher air as well as cleaner surfaces.

Lithium Ion Battery

The Black + Decker vacuum includes a lithium-ion battery. These batteries are widely regarded for their long lasting abilities, lightweight design and modern capabilities. Once this battery is charged it will stay charged for around a year and a half because it won’t lose charge when it’s not being used, and as the battery is lighter it makes this vacuum cleaner lighter and therefore easier to use for extended periods of time.  This battery also fully charged within 4 hours so you have to wait too long to use it.


Features: Cordless – Versatile – Multi Functioning – Air Cyclone Technology – Lithium Ion Battery

Pricing: Mid Range.




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