Best Cordless Vacuum For Carpets – Reviews 2018 – 2019

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Dyson V6 Filtration System – Ideal for Homes with Pets – Deep Cleans – Filters the Air – Trigger Grip – Handheld Vacuum Conversion – Additional Tools. High end Learn More Here!

Gtech AirRam Lightweight – Multi Surface Clean – Great for Collecting Pet Hair – Lithium-Ion Battery – Low Profile Design – Easy to Empty – Eco Friendly. High End Learn More Here!

Bosch BCH625KTGB Bagless – Long Lasting Battery – Can Last up to 60 Minutes – Lightweight Design – Includes Useful Accessories – Multi Surface Clean Mid range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Cordless Vacuum For Carpets

Some people still have reserves about cordless vacuums because they assume that they just can’t do the same job as a traditional plugin model and in the past this was definitely the case. Now however we have great cordless vacuums which can last for a long time and do everything a mains vacuum can do without the extra hassle, so it’s time to get with the programme and that the accept the vacuum of the future will be cordless.

Vacuum cleaners are normally associated with carpets but that doesn’t mean they are all going to offer the same quality clean. If you’re looking to buy a new vacuum and your house is full of carpets then don’t fret because we have compiled this straightforward buyers guide to the top 3 cordless vacuums for carpeted floors!


Dyson V6 Review – Our Number 1

This vacuum cleaner promises twice as much suction than its competition. Read on to find out more.

  • Dyson V6 ReviewThe Dyson V6 (learn more here!) has an effective filtration system that will capture allergens to stop allergic reactions inside your house.
  • This vacuum has special tools for dealing with animal dander so you can make sure your house is clean and allergen free even if you have particularly hairy pets.
  • You can use the Dyson V6 to deep clean your carpet as well as vacuum any none carpeted surfaces. This vacuum comes with a direct drive cleaner head which can get deep into your carpet to remove even the stubbornness dirt, hair and debris.
  • The Dyson V6 has an efficient  filtration system which uses 2 tier radical cyclones to make sure that the sir which comes out of your vacuum is clean and fresh.
  • This vacuum has up to 20 minutes of powerful suction per charge and it has a trigger grip which makes sure the vacuum won’t lose charge when you’re not using it. This vacuum also offers 6 minutes of more powerful suction to effectively challenge those difficult tasks.
  • The Dyson V6 can be converted into a handheld vacuum so you can tackle those hard to reach areas.
  • This vacuum comes with additional tools including a crevice tool and combination tools to make sure your home can be as clean as possible.


Features: Filtration System – Ideal for Homes with Pets – Deep Cleans The Carpet – Filters the Air – Trigger Grip – Converts into a Handheld Vacuum – Comes with Additional Tools.

Pricing: High End



Gtech AirRam Review – Number 2

This impressive vacuum cleaner strives to outperform its competition. Read on to discover how.

  • gtech-airram-cordless-vacuum-cleanerThe Gtech AirRam is a lightweight vacuum which only weighs 3.5KG. This makes it the ideal vacuum to use on stairs because it’s not hard to lift and move and if you have multiple levels in your home this vacuum can be easily transported to clean all the levels of your house.
  • This vacuum can be used in multiple surfaces including carpets and hardwood floors. It is especially effective at cleaning up let hair and animal dander.
  • The Gtech AirRam utilisers its lightweight Lithium-ion battery to make sure it runs for as long as possible. It only takes up to 4 hours to charge and once it’s ready it can run for 40 minutes on a single charge.
  • This vacuum is especially good at reaching those awkward areas. It has an impressive low profile design which helps it effectively reach under furniture with ease.
  • The Gtech AirRam compresses captured dirt, dust and debris into compact bales which can be thrown directly into the bin to avoid any unnecessary mess.
  • This vacuum typically only uses 100W of energy so you can save on your electricity bill and do your bit for the environmental


Features:  Lightweight – Multi Surface Clean – Great for Collecting Pet Hair – Lithium-Ion Battery – Low Profile Design – Easy to Empty – Eco Friendly.

Pricing: High End.



Bosch BCH625KTGB Review – Number 3

bosch-bch625ktgb-athlet-upright-cordless-vacuum-cleanerThis long lasting vacuum cleaner has a user friendly design which makes hoovering easier than ever. Read on to find out more.

  • This is a bagless vacuum cleaner which means you don’t have to worry about the additional cost of disposable bags and you can easily empty the vacuum directly to avoid unpleasant messes.
  • The Bosch BCH625KTGB includes long lasting, durable batteries which can leave this vacuum cleaner running for up to 60 minutes on one charge!
  • This vacuum has three speed settings which you can use depending on the job at hand. The lowest speed is ideal for making the charge time last as long as possible whilst the other settings can be used for medium and hard jobs to speed up the cleaning process
  • This is a lightweight vacuum which only weighs 3.3 KG. This makes cleaning stairs and moving the vacuum around  super easy and the slim design also makes this vacuum easier to store away when it’s not needed.
  • This vacuum comes with various accessories including an upholstery brush which makes cleaning multiple surfaces a piece of cake.
  • This vacuum contains a special nozzle brush which is great at capturing extra dirt, dust and debris.
  • This product can be used on multiple surfaces including carpets, hard floors, upholstery and kitchen tiles.


Features: Bagless – Long Lasting Battery – Can Last up to 60 Minutes – Lightweight Design – Includes Useful Accessories – Multi Surface Clean.

Pricing : Mid Range






These are all excellent vacuums which will keep your carpet clean and dust free but one stood out behind the rest. Our number 1 model is the Dyson V6 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, 100 W because it effectively captures allergens, it is ideal for homes with pets as it effectively captures pet dander, it cleans the air your breath, it has trigger grip technology to sure the battery isn’t wasted when not in use, it comes with loads of extra tools and it can be converted into a handheld vacuum at will so you can give your home a more efficient clean.





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