GTech Airram Vs Dyson DC59 2018 – 2019

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GTech AirRam 3.5kg weight, 40min Runtime Mid-Range Learn More Here!

Dyson DC59 4kg weight, 20min Runtime High-End Learn More Here!

Comparing The GTech Airram & Dyson DC59

gtech airram vs dyson dc59Arguably two of the best manufacturers when it comes to cordless vacuum cleaners in the UK. Both of these vacuum cleaners have power and a very high standard quality of build. While Dyson has been around for longer and has built up a very good reputation for being a great high-end vacuum, GTech is certainly giving Dyson a run for its money. GTech, still relatively new in the world of vacuums, have still managed to create a good name for themselves for quality and power.

Both The GTech Airram and The Dyson DC59 (learn more here!) are very good vacuum cleaners, both are built of a very high quality, both are powerful and both are good at what they do! Having said that, they do each have their advantages! While they are different kinds of vacuum cleaners – The Airram is an upright cleaner while the DC59 is a handheld vacuum with attachments that make it function as an upright vacuum; they are often compared because they are both very popular options for high end cleaners.

The Verdict.

Overall, my preference goes to the GTech Airram. Granted it is less powerful than the Dyson DC59, despite this fact, it still packs a very good punch in its suction. The other reason I lean towards the GTech Airram is that it actually feels like a vacuum cleaner when you are vacuuming where the DC59 feels somewhat like a hand-held vacuum with a long attachment – which it is!

The DC59 has more versatility than the Airram without a doubt, you have different attachments which you can remove and attach depending on where you are cleaning. For example, doing the stairs is so much more easier with the DC59 and it is somewhat awkward with the Airram. Also things like vacuuming curtains right off the rail – the DC59 also is a clear winner there.

The DC59 using the famous cyclone technology by Dyson, which is great – only it keeps the dirt in the cylinder which when you empty, will create a cloud of dust – albeit small, but it is still there. Airram packs the dirt right in the head of the vacuum which is very close to the floor, being this close to the floor harnesses the power of the Airram precisely where it is needed the most. When it is full, you simply pop out the rectangular packs of dirt right into the bin – no dust, very simple.

Again, both very good cleaners indeed, each with their individual strengths. If you were to judge on a versatile cleaner then the DC59 has to be the one, I am judging this on the best upright cleaner where I feel the Airram does win!

Lets take a closer look at the two.


The Dyson DC59.

DC59 reviewA very good hand held vacuum with a powerful motor, The DC59 by Dyson does deliver every bit that it promises. Dyson is a known name which does convey the message of power. This power comes from Dyson’s digital V6 motor which spins upto 110,000 times per minute, this along side its 15 cyclones across two tiers gives it the ability to increase airflow to unleash its true power!

The DC59 comes with a mini motorised tool to aid in sucking up pet hair and ground-DC59 Reviewin dirt. It is an all-round vacuum, it will do your stairs with no issues, upholsteries as well as curtains, and in particularly gets into confined spaces to pull out all the dirt from every corner!

With a boost mode which will further enhances its power and suction for the most awkward and stubborn dirt areas, while this boost mode will use up the battery more than the normal mode, it will come in quite useful when needed most. Usual runtime is around 20 minutes on The DC59.





The GTech Airram.

gtech airram reviewThe GTech Airram is a great upright vacuum which is cordless. The main selling point for the Airram is the fact that it is one of the lightest yet one of the most powerful vacuums on the market. While being light, it still has a very good suction system.

At only 3.5kg in weight, it makes vacuuming the house more satisfying than a chore! (well for some anyway!)

The Airram doesn’t have bags where the dirt is stored, nor does it have a cylinder. Instead it stores dirt into small bales in the head of the vacuum in a tray which simply lifts out so you can drop the waste gtech airram reviewstraight into the bin.

Working with 40 minutes run time, the Airram gives you enough time to vacuum your whole house before having to recharge the batteries.

Being a borderline “smart” vacuum, you are able to plug your Airram into the PC to see how much electricity you have saved, check the life of the battery and even see if you have lost some weight vacuuming! Yep, it will tell you how many calories you have burnt while vacuuming!




To Wrap It Up.

As said above, my personal preference goes to to Airram for being the better vacuum of the two. Not only do I prefer it the better of the two but I also feel the lower price point of the Airram favourable.

The other reason I sway this way is because I have a smaller separate hand-held vacuum which is perfect for me for the stairs, curtains and other appliances so the Airram is used solely for the floors. If, on the other hand you do not have smaller vacuum for stairs, curtains, sofas etc. then you may want to look at spending that little bit extra on the DC59 as it does work well as both upright and hand-held. It has an array of different attachments which all work very well for the purpose that they serve.

I also very much like the fact that the dirt on The Airram is stored neatly in the head of the vacuum which makes for cleaning up very easy and mess-free!






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