Best Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner – Reviews 2017 – 2018

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Dyson DC58 Minutes Cleaning Time – Lightweight – Cyclone Technology – Powerful Motor- Grip Technology – Boost Mode Mid range Learn More Here!

Vax H90- GA- B Easy and Hygienic disposal – Lightweight – Inbuilt Crevice Tool – 7 Day Helpline Assistance Available Affordable Learn More Here!

Black & Decker Lithium Ion Batteries – Quick to Charge – Ergonomically Designed – Extendable Nose – Large Transparent Bowl – User Friendly Mid range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are ideal for those hard to reach spots that a larger model just can’t reach. If you want to vacuum your furniture (especially in between sofa cushions and book shelves), you need to remove animal hair or you need something that will efficiently clean your car then a handheld vacuum cleaner is the device for you. These nifty little machines aren’t attached to a massive body which you need to lug around so they are ideal for quick cleaning and for clearing up accidental messes, and they are naturally light and easy to store so you don’t need to worry about storage space or bulky machines.

A vacuum cleaner which is both handheld and cordless is especially ideal because your vacuum will run off battery power and won’t need to be constantly plugged into a wall so not only can you transport it easily from room to room but you can also take it out to your car without worrying about plugs. If you are interested in buying a cordless handheld vacuum there’s no need to worry about wasting your evening googling different brands because we’ve done the hard work for you, so sit back, relax and enjoy our guide to the top 3 cordless vacuum cleaners available on the market right now!

Dyson DC58 Review – Our Number 1

Dyson DC58 ReviewThis lightweight, ergonomic and cordless vacuum cleaner (learn more here!) uses the same advanced technology as Dysons corded models to achieve a powerful and efficient clean. Read on to find out more!

  • This cordless vacuum cleaner offers up to 20 minutes of cleaning time. This should be more than enough for your car, furniture and corners.
  • The Dysons DC58 is super lightweight even for a handheld vacuum and only weighs 1.6 kg!
  • Dyson uses the same cyclone technology for its cordless products that it uses for its larger corded vacuum cleaners so this machine will have more powerful suction and will collect more dust then it’s competition. It also uses centrifugal forces to stop excess dirt and dust escaping into the air.
  • It may be small but this Dyson handheld vacuum is equipped with a powerful motor and utilities digital pulse technology which allows it to spin up to an amazing 111,000 times a minute!
  • This vacuum uses trigger grip technology to ensure you don’t waste battery power when the vacuum isn’t in use and it will switch off automatically when not in use.
  • The Dyson DC58 also offers a special boost mode which gives you 6 minutes of higher function when needed.
  • This vacuum has been designed to remove even the stubbornness dirt and hair from your carpet or car.


Features: 20 Minutes Cleaning Time – Lightweight – Cyclone Technology – Powerful Motor- Grip Technology – Boost Mode.

Pricing: Mid Range


Vax H90- GA- B Review – Number 2

vax-h90-ga-b-gator-handheld-vacuum-cleanerThis functional vacuum cleaner is excellent for quick clean ups or for vacuuming your car. Read on for a full list of the Vax’s features!

  • This vacuum cleaner is super easy to empty. It comes with a mouth which flips open whether you want to empty it’s contents so you’ll never need to worry about dirt and dust building up inside your vacuum ever again! This also ensures you never have to come into contact with the vacuums contents yourself do it is s very hygienic method of cleaning and disposing waste.
  • The Vax H90 is incredibly light weight and only weighs 1.24kg making it super easy to carry around your house or take out to vacuum your car.
  • This is a powerful little vacuum that will thoroughly remove any excess dirt or dust. It is especially ideal for families with small children or pets.
  • The Vax H90 comes with an inbuilt crevice tool that is great for cleaning those hard to reach corners. This device is also easily retracted so the vacuum can be stored after use.
  • All VAX products are eligible for the company’s 7 day helpful helpline.


Features: Easy and Hygienic disposal – Lightweight – Inbuilt Crevice Tool – 7 Day Helpline Assistance Available.

Pricing: Affordable


Black & Decker Review – Number 3

black-decker-lithium-compact-pivot-vacuumThis powerful little vacuum cleaner has been designed to be extra quiet, ergonomic, and  efficient. Read on to find out more.

  • This vacuum cleaner uses Lithium ion batteries which increase performance without making the vacuum heavy or uncomfortable. The Black + Decker battery used in this vacuum are extra light and only takes 4 hours to charge, and as it uses eco smart charge technology it will stop when it’s finished charging to save the battery and help protect the environment.
  • This vacuum has its motor inside its filter to ensure a small frame but a powerful core.
  • The Black + Decker vacuum cleaner had been ergonomically designed so you can use it for longer without tiring yourself out.
  • This Black + Decker vacuum has an extendable nose which is ideal for getting at even the hardest to reach areas, and it can get right between awkward areas for an even deeper clean. It also comes with an on board cleaning brush so you can easily remove any excess dirt.
  • The Black + Decker vacuum has a large see through bowl which not only lasts for ages before it needs to be emptied but is very easy to see when the bowl needs to be emptied. The disposal process is super easy because the washable filters can be taken out and emptied in no time.
  • This vacuum is user friendly and will let you know when it is charging with a flashing blue light which will stop once the device is fully charged.


Features: Lithium Ion Batteries – Quick to Charge – Ergonomically Designed – Extendable Nose – Large Transparent Bowl – User Friendly.

Pricing: Mid Range




These are all excellent handheld Cordless vacuum cleaners but first place had to go to the Dyson DC58 Animal Handheld Vacuum Cleaner because not only does it have an impressive, lightweight and ergonomic design but it utilises impressive technology such as trigger grip technology and cyclone technology to make this vacuum cleaner extra powerful and efficient.


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