Best Cordless Vacuum For Hardwood Floors – Reviews 2018 – 2019

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Gtech AirRam Cordless – Collects Dirt in Compact Bales – Conserves Energy – Multi Surface Cleaning – Cost Effective – Eco Friendly – DataBridge Technology High end Learn More Here!

Bosch BCH625KTGB Lithium-Ion Battery – Saves Money with Bagless Design – Monitors it’s Own Airflow – Multi Surface Floor Brush – Extra Accessories High end Learn More Here!

Morphy Richards Supervac 36V Battery – Cordless – Collapsible Handle – Easy to Store – Lightweight – Manoeuvrable Head Mid range Learn More Here!

Top 3 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners for Hardwood Floors

If you’ve spent any time researching vacuums you’ll have found that most buyers guides recommend you buy a vacuum with a cord rather than a cordless model. This is because even though they are bulkier and heavier they do tend to be more powerful and last longer . This may make it seem like if you buy a cordless vacuum you’re resigning yourself to substandard cleaning just to save on a space and weight, but cordless vacuums have actually improved a lot over the years and now some models can challenge or even outperform their corded counterparts whilst still offering all the advantages of a cordless vacuum cleaner.

If  you were cleaning hardwood floors in the past it seems pretty obvious that a broom was the cleaning instrument of choice. Brooms are obviously still effective but they require a lot of manual labour and take up time when you would realistically much rather be doing something else. Luckily technology is evolving and now you can buy vacuums which can do a great job with multiple surfaces including but not limited to hardwood floors.

Researching different vacuum cleaners isn’t everyone’s idea of a good time and we know you’ll want to make an informed choice as quickly and easily as possible. With that in mind we’ve created this guide to the top 3 cordless vacuum cleaners for hardware floors and done all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Gtech AirRam Review – Our Number 1

gtech-airram-cordless-vacuum-cleanerThis cordless vacuum cleaner (learn more here!) is designed to make the whole cleaning process easier and more enjoyable for you. Read on to discover its full list of features.

  • The Gtech AirRam has been designed to make vacuuming if not enjoyable at least far less hassle than it used to be. The cordless design removes all the drawbacks which you’ll get from a regular machine without compromising on power, thus lightweight model has shed the pounds to make it easier to manoeuvre this vacuum from room to room, and the disposal process has been simplified so you won’t have to breath in dust or get your hands dirty when emptying this vacuum.
  • This vacuum conserves energy by taking a unique approach to collecting and storing dirt. Rather than using tubes or cyclones this device collects the dirt in small bales located close to the floor. This approach saves energy which is normally wasted by filtering dirt and debris and ensures this vacuum lasts longer than its competition.
  • Because this vacuum collects dirt at the base of the vacuum and squashed it into bales it is much easier to empty than most other models. All you have to do is lift out the vacuums removable waste tray and empty it directly into the bin without worrying about getting your hands dirty.
  • This vacuum uses a high quality Lithium-ion battery which is not only lighter than other models but it can also run for up to 40 minutes in one sitting, meaning it can rival the performance of other corded and cordless vacuums.
  • The Gtech AirRam uses a brush bar and suction fan which are great for hard floors and carpets alike.
  • This vacuum will save you money in the long run. Because it doesn’t use bags to collect waste there is no need to buy more disposable bags when you run out.
  • The Gtech AirRam uses less energy than your average vacuum (100W) so not only will it last longer and be more cost effective but you can relax in the knowledge that you are using an eco friendly cleaning solution.
  • This vacuum includes innovative DataBridge technology which you can hook up to your computer to see certain information. This information includes how the vacuums battery is doing, how much electricity gas been saved and even how many calories you have burned whilst vacuuming!


Features: Cordless – Collects Dirt in Compact Bales – Conserves Energy – Multi Surface Cleaning – Cost Effective – Eco Friendly – DataBridge Technology.

Pricing: High End



Bosch BCH625KTGB Review – Number 2

bosch-bch625ktgb-athlet-upright-cordless-vacuum-cleanerThis long lasting vacuum cleaner uses smart technology and an array of impressive features to give your home the best possible clean. Read on to find out how.

  • This vacuum utilises its powerful and lightweight Lithium-ion battery for an impressive change time of up to 60 minutes!
  • You can save money in the long run with the Bosch BH625KTGB because it uses SensorBagless technology to store waste without requiring you to buy additional and often costly disposable bags.
  • This vacuum is constantly monitoring its airflow and will let you know via a red LED signal as soon as the filter needs cleaning.
  • The Bosch BCH625KTGB comes with a multi surface floor power brush which is ideal for hardwood floors as well as carpet. It also has a flexible nozzle which can be used to clean underneath and around your furniture so you can reach even the trickiest corners of your house.
  • This vacuum comes with loads of extras including a shoulder strap, an XXL crevice tool, a hose and an upholstery nozzle so you can get the most out of your vacuum.
  • This Bosch model can stand upright on its own to make it easier to store away after use.


Features: Lithium-Ion Battery – Saves Money with Bagless Design – Monitors it’s Own Airflow – Multi Surface Floor Brush – Extra Accessories

Pricing: High End



Morphy Richards Supervac Review – Number 3

morphy-richards-732007-supervacThis lightweight, cordless vacuum is ideal for every day use and does a great job on hard floors and carpets alike. Read on to find out more.

  • This vacuum contains a 36 V battery which boosts performance on all surfaces.
  • This is a cordless vacuum which means you don’t have to waste time plugging it into various power sockets. This doesn’t mean you have to miss out on running time either as this vacuum gives you up to 30 minutes of battery life.
  • The Morphy Richards Supervac comes with a collapsible handle so the vacuum can be easily stored out of the way when not in use. It is also easy to store in general and will fit into most small spaces and cupboards.
  • This Morphy Richards vacuum is impressively lightweight and is therefore ideal for cleaning the stairs and moving between floors.
  • The Morphy Richards also comes with an easily manoeuvrable head which is great for cleaning under the sofa and around your furniture.
  • This vacuum comes with an indicator which will turn red to tell you when it’s time to recharge so  not left in the dark. It will also let you know when the vacuum is fully charged and can be used again.


Features: 36V Battery – Cordless – Collapsible Handle – Easy to Store – Lightweight – Manoeuvrable Head.

Pricing:  Mid Range





These are all excellent vacuum cleaners but I think we can all agree that one stands out from the rest. First place goes to the Gtech AirRam Cordless Vacuum Cleaner because it is easy to manoeuvre from room to room, it has an eco friendly design, it stores waste quickly in convenient bales and is really easy to empty, it uses a lightweight and powerful Lithium-Ion battery and it even offers DataBridge technology to keep you up to date on the status of your vacuum cleaner!









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