Vax Cordless Vacuum Review – 2019 – 2020

Vax Cordless Vacuum Review - 2015 - 2016

Vax Cordless SlimVac Vacuum Cleaner

Vax Cordless Vacuum Review - 2015 - 2016
Vax Cordless Vacuum Review – 2015 – 2016

When you’re looking to buy a new vacuum you’re probably not planning on doing much research. As long as it cleans the carpet you can opt for the cheapest model you see because realistically  a vacuum is a vacuum and there’s not much else to it right?

Well buying a vacuum doesn’t have to  involve tons of work but before you choose you do have to think about what kind of vacuum you want and what you need to use it for, otherwise you’ll just be making your  life harder in the long run. There are loads of different models, styles and features to choose from and k e persons ideal vacuum could easily become someone else’s household nightmare so you need to choose something that will do the best possible job for your house. Luckily for you we’ve compiled this review of the Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner (VIEW PRICE HERE!) to get you started.

Vax Cordless SlimVac Vacuum Cleaner

This slim and multi functioning vacuum cleaner had been designed for optimum comfort as well as optimum use. Read on to find out more.



The Vax vacuum cleaner is cordless which means it runs off battery power and won’t have to be plugged into a wall in order to work. This can be a huge time saver because as you won’t have to plug it into any walls you can move it from room to room effortlessly and quickly without having to setup and unplug everything.  Cordless  vacuums are also normally much lighter than other alternatives so the Vax vacuum cleaner really does make vacuuming easier than ever before.


There is nothing worse than a heavy vacuum cleaner which makes simple, every day household tasks twice as long and extra difficult. If you want to vacuum multiple rooms at the same time it’s essential that you can move the vacuum from room to room easily and comfortably to save yourself time and  effort. The Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner boasts an extra slim, lightweight design and weighs just 2.1 KG; making it the ideal vacuum for a quick clean of the entire house and ensuring that you never dread taking the vacuum cleaner out again.


Multi Functional

If your home is made up of a mixture of carpets and hard floors, or if you just want something that can effectively clean your kitchen and bathroom as well as the other rooms in your house, then there is no point buying a vacuum that can only handle carpets or one which has been specifically designed for hard surfaces.  You’re going to want something which can do a good job on multiple surfaces. Luckily for you this Vax vacuum cleaner had been specially designed to clean multiple surfaces and you can switch between carpet and hard floor by a simple flick of a switch.



If you’re planning on vacuuming and stairs or you just want to reach those tricky corners then you’re going to need a vacuum which can be easily manoeuvred around furniture and can move in multiple directions. The Vax cordless vacuum cleaner has utilised steerable technology to ensure you can reach those difficult corners with ease.


Long Lasting

Cordless vacuums come with loads of perks; they can be easily moved from room to room, there is no cord to restrain your movements, and they are ideal for stairs and houses with more than one floor. That being said the obvious downside to a cordless vacuum is that they can run out of charge quite easily and can end up wasting time by making you charge it multiple times during one cleaning session. The great thing about this Vax cordless vacuum is that it cones with a 22.2V Lithium battery which can last for 24 minutes without needing to be charged which should be more than enough to clean an average sized home in one go.



When you’re vacuuming it’s important to be able to switch between floor cleaning to hand held vacuuming so you can tackle any dust or other undesirables which may have accumulated on your shelves, desk, and tables etc. Some vacuums are purely designed for floor cleaning and some models are hand held and so they won’t offer you much flexibility and you may end up having to buy separate vacuums for different tasks.

Luckily the Vax Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is detachable so you can switch from vacuuming your floor to sucking up the dust from your bookshelves in no time. This vacuum also comes with an extra powerful floor head which can be attached for effective stair and car vacuuming.



Comfort is key when you’re cleaning and we all know that uncomfortable and complicated household appliances can make us put off necessary cleaning and so we end up with a dusty house. This Vax vacuum cleaner has been ergonomically designed for comfortable use and will turn an unpleasant choir into a piece of cake.



This vacuum comes with an impressive 3-in1 tool which can be used for dusting hard surfaces, vacuuming curtains and upholstery and reaching those difficult corners without making you change tools or requiring additional purchases.



The Vax vacuum cleaner is a bagless model which means you can empty the vacuum cleaner directly and save money on buying vacuum bags. Vacuums that have disposable bags can also function very well but some people prefer the bagless option because it is more convenient.



Features: lightweight – Multi Functional – Long Lasting – Easy to Manoeuvre – Detachable – Ergonomic – Includes 3-in-1 Tool.

Pricing: Mid Range




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