Vax U90 MA RE Review 2019 – 2020

Cordless vacuum cleaners have grown more and more in popularity for their innovative and extremely useful purposes, making many lives easier and less cumbersome. Still, could there be a corded vacuum cleaner that could live up to the standards of the cordless vacuum?

Vax have cleverly created the Vax U90 MA RE, designed to be lightweight and provide extra reach with a longer cord. Yet, can it keep up with the demand of modern living?

What are the Vax U90 MA RE’s main features?

  • Lightweight, Vax boasts that this vacuum is third of the weight of your usual corded vacuum cleaner at an amount of 4.9kg. Many have been impressed at how easy the Vax U90 MA RE is to propel around a room
  • Eco designed, energy usage is an important factor in a vacuum cleaner, fortunately the energy levels for usage on carpet and hard floor is measured as an ‘A’ for the Vax U90 MA RE, and the dust re-emission energy level is also an ‘A’, this is extremely efficient and eco friendly
  • 10m operating radius and 3.6m hose, coverage of a room is very difficult to achieve with a corded vacuum cleaner, this feature won’t change your life but it will make it easier to vacuum two rooms whilst using one plug socket in the process

In addition, the Vax U90 MA RE possesses a multi cyclonic system that separates dust and debris from the drawn in air before it reaches the filter, this results in less blockages and no loss of suction. If you do encounter a blockage, there is an LED indicator that will report this occurrence to you.

The design is far from aesthetically pleasing, it is characterized by a chunky outer hull and tries to claw back some elegance with a dash of purple. However, it is a vacuum cleaner and the majority of the time it is stored away, so if you’re more about the cleaning and not the look, this is well suited for you.

What are the Pros and Cons of the Vax U90 MA RE?


  • Ideal for pet hair and allergens, the powerful suction and anti bacterial filter removes pollen and other allergens through the multi cyclonic system. No pet odours are left inside the filter either, resulting in fresher smelling rooms, and fresher smells inside your vacuum
  • Multi usage, the Vax U90 MA RE is useful for larger rooms, it can reach your car without using an extension lead and no more dragging it up the stairs, simply leave it at the bottom of the stairs and clean to your hearts content
  • Easy use, storage and emptying, its ease of use makes this an ideal vacuum cleaner for everyone including elderly ones; the Vax U90 MA RE has a slim shape and utilizes a retractable handle which can be set on different heights but when finished simply slot it back in and tuck into a space under the stairs. With a 1.5 litre dust container, it’s simple to empty and a pleasure to use
  • 3 in 1 tool and two cleaning modes, there’s always a moment of excitement when you find the extra nozzles for your new vacuum cleaner and the Vax U90 MA RE comes with a crevice tool, an upholstery tool and a dusting brush, what more could you ask for? There are also two cleaning modes for hard floors and carpets, making it a versatile machine
  • 86 minute run time, providing you with plenty of time to clean your home before the vacuum cleaner starts getting overwhelmed


  • Not cordless, it isn’t as versatile as your regular cordless vacuum but that’s generally to be expected, complaints made are usually about the cable being hard to manoeuvre
  • Expensive, if you purchase through Amazon at the moment it is a tantalizing £190 to buy the Vax U90 MA RE, it would be much more affordable if you purchased it through the Vax website which will decrease that figure by £100, still rather pricey but more palatable
  • Flimsy handle, even though the handle is made for storage and practicality, it is rather flimsy and probably won’t be able to take too many hard jolts or continuous dragging
  • Loudness of 86 decibels, we know loudness is one of the key factors to a vacuum cleaner but it is important to point out that 86 decibels can cause hearing problems if continuously listened to, we know you’re all responsible enough not to listen to a vacuum cleaner for hours on end

Additionally, Vax issue a one year guarantee on their website, which would be wise to make use of. The Vax U90 MA RE possesses a 4 star rating on Amazon, retrospectively this is quite good but many users have reported design issues and have lost a lot of money. This being said, Vax honours a 6 year manufacturers fault, which means you can send it back should it break during that time, some users have taken advantage of this provision and been more fortunate.

The Vax U90 MA RE has evident cleaning benefits for your home. As always, any machine can break down, nonetheless a few negative points cannot crack the numerous advantages of the Vax U90 MA RE.

You can find it on Amazon here

Or on the Vax website here

Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Purple
  • Multi-cyclonic technology provides powerful suction - the multiple cyclones separate dirt from the air giving you constant, powerful suction
  • Ultra lightweight - making it easy to carry from room to room and upstairs
  • Extra long hose and cord reaches right to the top of your stairs and means you're not changing power boards between rooms
  • Comes with crevice tool, dusting brush and upholstery tool to help with your cleaning needs
  • Eco designed - this vacuum has been designed and engineered in line with EU energy regulations to showcase energy efficiency and performance; warranty 2 years

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